Water Impact Fees

Assisting New Development Projects

In July 1995, the Brea City Council adopted Ordinance 967, establishing Water Impact Fees for certain new development projects in Brea and annexed portions of its sphere-of-influence. In March 2003, the Brea City Council adopted an updated Water Master Plan. Water Impact Fees were modified according to the updated plan. These fees are necessary to ensure that adequate water infrastructure and facilities are provided to new development projects.

Payment Requirements

All new development projects are subject to the Water Impact Fees, except:

  • Alterations to an existing building
  • Reconstruction (within two years), when a building has been destroyed by fire, wind, earthquakes, vandalism, or other natural or man-made disasters
  • Additions to a single-family or multiple-family residence and construction of public schools

The required Water Impact Fees must be paid prior to the issuance of any building permits.


The amount of fee per dwelling unit varies depending upon a project’s geographical location and elevation. In some instances, the exact amount of fee will only be able to be determined when the actual elevation or pressure service zone is precisely defined by the proposed development improvement plans.

Please contact the Engineering Division for assistance in determining an estimate of Water Impact Fee. The Water Impact Fee shall be automatically adjusted annually and without further action of the City Council to account for inflation. The adjustment is based upon the Engineering News Record (ENR) 20-City Construction Cost Index (CCI). The adjustment shall be applied and the fees shall be effective annually on July 1. Please call 714-990-7667 for more information.

Calcucating Fees

  • Determine the fee district and zone in which your project is located
  • Multiply the number and size of water meters your project requires by the fee amount in your district and zone as noted in the Water Impact Fee Schedule
  • This is your total Water Impact Fee payable prior to issuance of building permits. Water Impact Fees in District 2 and 3 cannot be accurately determined and/or finalized until the grading / utility plan has been developed

View a map for impact fee districts.

Additional Information

In some cases, a developer may be required to make certain water improvements in addition to or in-lieu of paying Water Impact Fees. In this case, however, the total cost of water improvements and/or fees will not exceed the development’s fair share of providing the water infrastructure or facilities.

Please consult with one of the city’s planners or engineers to discuss whether your project will require water improvements, in addition to, or in-lieu of Water Impact Fees.